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All of the famous- tremendously powerful - Bliss Binaural Beat Sound Generator Options of FlameinMind.com - with HRV - at much Lower Cost - 17.99 eu. ( excludes the EEG/ Brainwave MUSE measurement options)

Note- FlameinSound bliss binaural sound options are included in FlameinMind.com - Brainwave software- or are available at lower cost without the EEG Brainwave software

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FlameinSound Binaural Beat Bliss app-does not use MUSE/ EEG
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Download FLAMEINSOUND- from the app store: itunes.apple.com/be/app/flameinsound/id1318635505?mt=8

Read all about the history of this pure - IMPLOSION SOUND and Healing: www.fractalfield.com/implosionsound

Read about how these exact same implosion harmonics - are used in healing plasma- our THERAPHI plasma rejuvenation system (now in 20 countries): www.theraphi.net/static

Read about the deep FRACTAL PHASE CONJUGATE - PHYSICS- behind this IMPLOSION SOUND: www.fractalfield.com/physics

AND of course- see these IMPLOSION SOUND HARMONICS applied to EEG / Brainwaves-BLISS Training- options in our companion app: www.flameinmind.com

Help Files- below: be patient -few seconds- for these help files frames to load-- use arrow keys to flip between screens..

If you move your cursor to the left of the slide screen- you get a summary thumbnail list of screens to navigate directly to any slide..

Alternatively these 4 keynotes are also in click thru format at (above link) - craniosacral-app.com/flameinmind/flameinsound.html -or PDF option just below each thumbnail

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Other ways to experience Dan Winter's FlameinSound - perfected implosion rejuvenation Theraphi frequencies
Theraphi Phase Conjugate Plasma Ball System: PlasmaPhire.com Perfected sounds in vibrator massage: PHIvibes.com