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Note the FLAMEINMIND help files- are available at the above link - or below as a slide show- -however note the option in each section below to alternatively view the help file as PDF

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FlameInMind -Start Screen Instructions: OPENING THE APP

above Manual - updated Oct 25,2017 to include Full EKG -Heart Coherence- Empathy Trainer Options

alternatively view this help file as PDF: MAINEN_MANUAL.pdf

How to connect the MUSE Brainwave Headset- and also HRV Pulse sensors to FlameInMind -- (Note the MUSE Headset 2016 version required, older 2014 version not compatible)

alternatively view this help file as PDF SENSORSEN_MANUAL.pdf

above Manual - updated Oct 25,2017 to include Full EKG -Heart Coherence- Empathy Trainer Options
Note above how we integrate HRV / heart breath coherence- above WITH brainwave coherence measure- - See also our complementary- main HRV app:
- and our REAL HISTORY of HEART COHERENCE measurement:

Using FlameInMind - EEG / Brainwave Display screens - note larger file- give these slides a few seconds to load

alternatively view this help file as PDF: BRAIN_WAV_DISPLAY_EN.pdf

WHY Teach Golden Ratio / Phase Conjugation in EEG Brainwaves- to acheive Peak Perception/ Bliss - The History, Context, Science:

Original article on the wave physics of Golden Ratio phase conjugation in the FLAME IN THE MIND- teachable physics of (peak) perception:

Step 1. Use the app- Sensor connect screen - after linking to MUSE- to verify signal noise levels below 10%,
use bit of moisture on ear piece rubber if needed, be sure of direct contact with skin, turn off electrosmog/ transformers etc. nearby.

Step 2. Learn to get very still and quiet with the headset- notice that burst of alpha typically follows eye closure. It is hard to make good alpha etc. with eyes open- so use the data record feature to see your best peaks- after again opening your eyes.

3. Learn to MAKE Alpha- (green range- about 7-12 hertz/ Schumaan). Lucid dreamers- can sometimes make alpha with eyes open. Making coherent brainwave alpha is key to much brain development
- to do this- also see the sections in the instructions on provided options for audible TONE CUES - (linked to your alpha power measures).

4. Observe whether your alpha frequencies are matched for right / left hemisphere (phase lock)- which is right left brain hemisphere SYNCHRONY.

5. Notice whether the AMPLITUDE of your alpha is balanced- helps to understand/ balance- RIGHT vs LEFT hemisphere DOMINANCE.

6. Next- work on making a CASCADE (conjugate /implosive/ centripetal brain force)- notice / develop the NEXT peak
- either up (in BETA) or down (THETA) -
optimally the adjacent peaks will be GOLDEN RATIO in frequency - (implosive/ centripetal ) - for peak / bliss moments (as noted by the optional lines in the app - OR - octave for more telepathic/ rational moments.

NOTE: be sure - display golden ratio frequency option is set ON in settings- this takes your alpha peak marking and displays where golden raio should be in Beta / Theta etc..
Coherence in tbe BETA frequencies above alpha tend to indicate coherent conscious waking/ active thought.
Coherence in the DELTA/ THETA frequencies below alpha tend to indicate- coherent access to the unconscious/ deep states (the long wave)/ so called THETA HEALING.

7. WHEN that 'implosive' cascade of GOLDEN RATIO frequency peaks- organizes up to 3 to 5 coherent harmonics in series - THAT- is your key to psychokinesis- THE REAL FLAME IN THE MIND!

(see separate section here on how to use the chest-strap or finger clip to simultaneously measure /tune - breath coherence control of your HRV- and thus increase Yogic control of your brainwave coherence in the process - sample screens on the main page here)

Brainwave Settings Help- and Alpha Audio Cues

alternatively view this help file as PDF: BRAIN_SETTINGS_EN.pdf

How to Record Data and SHARE FILES- with FLAMEINMIND

alternatively view this help file as PDF: SHAREFILESEN_MANUAL.pdf


How to use the Bliss / BINAURAL BEAT Sound options

alternatively view this help file as PDF: SNDGENEN3_MANUAL.pdf

Background about Implosion Sound from Dan Winter :

More on the Binaural Beat- Sounds- - help files- and testimonials of the BLISS Effects:

and More films about itHRVe and FlameinMind Biofeedback (from our 2017 internaional conference) - understanding the wave science:

Flame In Mind- In-App Help Screens Reference

LIFE FORCE screens-