The famous worldwide phenomena of people- particularly young people- SEEING WITHOUT THEIR EYES-

is an ideal example to learn the 'plasma vortex by implosive conjugation' PHYSICS OF VISION..

AND gives us clues to lucid dreaming and dying coherently.

See the films- the kids consistently report - seeing well while absolutely blindfolded- that they are seeing 'as if through a vortex or tunnel'.

Intro from Dan Winter - May 2020- Featuring Patrick Botte- and introducing Iris!

BRAINWAVE Science: Third Eye, Direct Inner Vision...
We travel to 's-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands to visit Iris Huizing. She guides children in discovering the amazing ability to perceive and directly see their surroundings (and more) without using their physical eyes. Also known as direct vision, or outer vision. They do this while wearing a mask that completely shuts off any incoming light. Really seeing without their eyes.

Vindur, the niece of Iris, is showing us her ability to do several things with a blindfold on. Patrick Botte is also here to measure the brainwave activity during this practice with the flame in mind application ( We use the brainwave feedback of this app to be able to explain the science behind this ability with the help of Dan Winter. We discuss other benefits from learning this ability and also try to learn the ability ourselves.
In 2018 Iris was trained by Nicola Farmer and Since January 2019 she is a certified trainer in the ICU Awareness Program provided by Nicola’s ICU Academy. (
More information related to direct vision:
Flame in mind application:​
Nicola Farmer - ICU academy:
Qualified ICU teachers training outer vision:
Recording of the outer vision experiment at the university of Bari, Italy, led by professor Elio Conte
Different schools around the world: Midbrain activation, Vibravision, Outer Vision, Extra Occular Vision (EOV), Direkte Informative Wahrnehmung, Infovision.
Music and video production by Arie Schockaert

Read: The generalized phase conjugate (plasma) implosive PHYSICS OF PERCEPTION-
HOW you centripetally - grab the plasma tornado in your head- by the throat to create AN EYE IN THE TORNADO

Also see our new film- HOW Inner Vision is Created by "Squeezing the plasma vortex tube donut- INSIDE your head!"
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Film here- introducing SEEING WITHOUT EYES:

This article features the new options in the latest Brainwave software upgrade ( see the gamma- see the power averages plots)-
as a demonstrator - we discuss our expanded SEEING WITHOUT EYES- Direct Vision- project.

We meaasure Iris's group of brilliant kids in NL - brainwaves- while filming them seeing without their eyes (see below)


Dr Korotkov's original work - with "Seeing without Eyes" in St. Petersburg- showing golden ratio result in EEG harmonics- is the REASON I built the original BLISSTUNER- which is Now FlameinMind

2 ---

above is a summary of Dr Korotkov original result - - see the original discussion

Korotkov more recently wrote (thanks to Iris for noting) - regarding this "Direct Vision"

"Clearly a thorough understanding of both the physical and physiologic mechanisms of DV will require several lines of research, including the testing of larger populations. The present findings imply that future research should first map the bioelectrography of the brain so as to correlate better these findings with known electrophysiologic variables. The mechanisms of energy transfer in living systems16 may be implied for the understanding of the DV phenomenon. The ongoing scientific observation, assessment, and characterization of novel interactions of human beings with the environment can raise new challenges and insights into the mechanisms by which individuals experience altered states of consciousness."


This became the seed on which we built a complete theory of peak perception- BASED on golden ratio / phase conjugation- see

Here we see an example of Dan- using the new power display options for FlameinMind- during a bliss experience- note the intense theta and alpha brainwaves- and ratios:

Newest POWER CURVE DISPLAY option for FlameinMind:


Remember above- the golden ratio (vs alpha frequency) harmonics have blue lines- the octave harmonics are pink

Note the beauty of the smoothed power spectra curves below- showing relate beta (blue) vs alpha (green) vs theta (yellow) over time- THIS is the exciting new display feature of the new FlameinMind.

If you have the FlameinMind software- you can download the above data file- in order to have many display options in the software: testeegflamedannu.flo


Films of the children seeing without their eyes- showing their eeg power spectra / flameinmind new display options ( includes the new power spectra amplittude average graphs / alpha / beta etc)

Children seeing without the eyes- with brainwave analysis



Notice with young Vindur here - that each time she actually focuses to 'see down the little tunnel' while blindfolded- that we DO see the double side GREEN ALPHA PEAKS- which then ground the cascade of harmonics which -'open (by conjugation/implosion?) the tunnel vortex of vision'!











Commentaries on screen exerpts
Vindur mandala
very low DELTA
High BETA & GAMMA in alternance

Vindur cups
increase of BETA & GAMMA when she starts opening the « tunnel"

(Vindur continued)- then
very low DELTA

and alternance of BETA & GAMMA


Always a lot of DELTA in alternate of BETA & GAMMA

Roman cards

a lot of DELTA, BETA & GAMMA in alternance

Roman interview

low BETA & GAMMA when he’s is thinking and explaining


(Roman continued) BETA (blue) & GAMMA (pink) start to increase when he visualizes the « tunnel"

More from Dan Winter- re - inner vision / vs lucid dreaming / bliss states and solution to trauma/addiction




The below article is by Irising Huizing - in Netherlands- who has for some time been coordinating this 'Direct Vision' -/ OUTER VISION - Seeing without Eyes- Biofeedback project with a significant amazing group of your people.

We were fortuneate to meet and film some of those beautiful young people during our Amsterdam conference presentation.

Patrick has pursued this, and extended the software and films- here: NOTE THE 4 FILM CLIPS OF YOUNG PEOPLE SEEING WITHOUT THEIR EYES (Iris Guided the kids, Patrick edited film-)

be patient -few seconds- for these help files frames to load-- use arrow keys to flip between screens..

If you move your cursor to the left of the slide screen- you get a summary thumbnail list of screens to navigate directly to any slide..


See this series below- where Patrick further analyzes the kids brainwaves during the films-
suggestingg the key moments for inner vision without eyes is when the eeg harmonics cascade from the alpha frequency key signature by BOTH octave and golden ratio...

(wait for download image series- then use arrows to navigate - mouse over left to see thumbnails of whole series)



FLAMEINMIND as a tool for identification of brain symmetry and harmonization during reproduceable ‘direct vision’
We’re all superheroes … we just didn’t know about it

All of us have an ability we didn’t know the existence of. A sense that is practiced around the world yet is little known in science and general society. A sense with which we can perceive, we can directly SEE our environment without using our physical eyes.
With this extra sensory sight or direct vision we can read books, puzzle, draw, do games or walk around a room avoiding obstacles - in short, we can do anything we can also do when using our eyes – all while wearing a lightproof mask.
Children can quite easily experience this direct vision because, according to the hypothesis, their left brain (and thus their critical thinking ability) has not become dominant yet.
Adults often have to take a bit more effort. Or actually, they have to let go of something. Namely the preconceived ideas we have on what’s possible and what not.

“You might say God was fair to children, he gave them the power to believe in themselves without any doubt, making it easy to tap into their full potential.”

Introduction to the direct vision
My name is Iris Huizing and in my practice ‘Luminous Minds Academy’ in ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands I guide children in ‘dis-covering’ and using their natural ability to directly see the environment while wearing a mask that completely shuts off any incoming light (

In 2018 I was trained by Nicola Farmer and Since January 2019 I am a certified trainer in the ICU Awareness Program provided by Nicola’s ICU Academy (

The children in my practice can read from books, color a drawing accurately, do a puzzle, walk around the room avoiding obstacles or mimic someone’s face all while wearing the lightproof mask.

Let yourself be wondered

(video’s Vindur, Samuel and Roman, …)

Schools around the world
Midbrain activation, Vibravision, Direct Vision, Extra Occular Vision (EOV), Direkte Informative Wahrnehmung of Infovision, seeing with your 'inner light' or with your 'third eye'. Once you start looking you find numerous schools across the entire globe where the direct vision is being taught to and practiced by both children and adults, even by blind people!

Different schools using different names for the phenomenon and different explanations for its existence. But with one common denominator:

Our apparent natural ability to see without our eyes might be a wonder by itself for our logical minds, but what makes it even more intriguing are the reports throughout the world of the changes that occur in people whose ability is 'awakened’. 
The children (and adults) who work with the direct vision ability start showing:

An example of these:

So I have successfully worked with 15 children and I also start to get this feedback from the parents. A hyper active child becoming more balanced in his energy, a child showing increased patience and a child expressing his emotions in a more coherent manner. But since off course this is very subjective and anecdotal evidence (if any) I felt the need for scientific proof for these effects.

Different theories
Yet among the schools around the world I didn’t come across an unambiguously theory on how the direct vision happens. Some give a neurological explanation, others a spiritual one (to me a combination of the two felt plausible). But none of them provide a scientific basis for their claims.

Most of the schools in Asia name their practice ‘Midbrain Activation’, claiming the midbrain - the portion of the brainstem that helps to regulate movement and process auditory and visual information - gets activated with the direct vision what supposing leads to a synchronization of the left and the right hemispheres of our brain.

If so, it makes me wonder if the corpus callosum (a structure in the brain that connects the two hemispheres and regulates communication between the two) also plays a role here.

For to my analytical mind it sounds logical that cognitive functions and memory improve if the two brain hemispheres start working better together. Even increased emotional stability and empathy makes sense if you are able to experience situations both logical and emotional at the same time. Choices one makes in that case are informed not primarily by ratio or solely based on emotions. The experience becomes a holistic one!

This set me on a quest.

For if this is true! If it turns out that practicing the direct vision assists children (and adults) substantially in their development and in opening their greater potential this is huge game changer. What a wonderful chance for the world and all coming generations!

You would expect this re-discovered human ability would get tremendous attention in our (scientific) society. Since the direct is practiced around the world you might think elaborate scientific research has already been done into the phenomenon at universities around the world. Nevertheless research in this field is still in its infancy. I could find just one study. Even though, as I would find out soon, I missed an important second one.


Scientific study
The research I found was done in 2015 by two scientists from the university of Bari (Italy). The test subjects in the experiments were adults trained in the direct vision by Mark Komissarov (

The research was set up and conducted by Professor Enrico Pierangeli, neurosurgeon, neurologist and oncologist ( and Professor theoretical physics Elio Conte, Director School of Advanced International Studies on Applied Theoretical and non Linear Methodologies of Physics | SIASTMP (

In their joint research they conducted several experiments with the most important results being:

The experiments are (at least partly) documented. Film recordings of one of the experiments as well as an interview with professor Pierangeli can be found here: 

Recording of the experiment, led by professor Conte (4:34 min.)
Interview with professor Pierangeli (11:29 min.)

In the interview Professor Pierangeli states to have no explanation or theory on the outcome of the experiments. Professor Pierangeli was so impressed by the results that he decided to be trained by the Infovision team himself. He was successful and in the interview he describes his bewilderment when he noticed he was able to see ‘through the mask’.
The research conducted by professor Pierangeli and professor Conte is of incredible value and it is a great starting point for further research into the matter.

It gave me the courage to write a letter a letter to the Chairman of the Board of the Donders Institute - Holland’s top center for brain and cognition - linked to the Radboud University in Nijmegen. Presenting him the experience I have with the children in my practice and the information on the scientific study described above, my question was if the Institute in any way was willing to initiate a research. Luckily they were not interested for otherwise I would not have met Dan Winter.



Meeting Dan Winter
Expressing my wish for scientific attention for the direct vision, a friend suggested to write a letter to Dan Winter. I had not heard of Dan Winter for if I had I would have most certainly contacted him sooner.

Not only was Dan very willing to answer my mail, he was well known with the matter and told me he could help me with the science … wow!

Dan told me about Ph.D., Professor Konstantin Korotkov ( who according to him was the first to study a group of Ph.D., Professor Vyacheslav Bronnikov’s students ( in his ‘World without blindness school’ in St. Petersburg. The 2005 study called ‘Bioelectrographic Correlates of the Direct Vision Phenomenon’ (+ link to article) measured the biophysics-EEG spectra which identifies the direct vision using a GDV device.

Dan also told me about the research he and professor Korotkov did together ….. (info Dan + link to

I met Dan in October 2019 at the Breakthru Conference he and his team held in the South of France (link) and only weeks later we started our first joint research project with 5 of the children that are trained under my guidance.

Breakthrough research with Flameinmind
Dan together with his research partner Patrick Botte have created an app Flameinmind ( which is the world’s most powerful EEG/brainwave meditation training and biofeedback software that works with the Muse, an EEG generating headband.

We were curious to the brain activity of the children during the direct vision. We organized a setting in which the children practiced their ability while wearing the EEG headband while we monitored their brainwaves via de Flameinmind app. The recordings generated very interesting data … to say the least!

(still from the Breukelen recordings)

In this image immediately you see the beautiful symmetry between the left and right hemispheres that appeared once Vindur (7 years), one of the ‘test subjects’, activated her direct vision.

(video of the Breukelen recordings)

I was already immensely happy with this result for it suggests they may be right in Asia claiming a synchronized function of the brain that occurs with the direct vision. Another monumental step and the basis for further research.

But I couldn’t have dreamed of what was more to come. Dan blew me away with the in depth understanding he has on what is actually happening with the direct vision and the much richer information he can distil from the recordings generated with the Flameinmind app.

I am humbled and honored to give the word to Dan Winter and Patrick Botte